This is a multi-part series on building an ecommerce application using microservices.

An ecommerce application is built of numerous functional modules like catalog, shopping cart, checkout, payment, order management, fulfillment, inventory to name a few.

Typically ecommerce applications are built as huge monolithic applications. This is an attempt to build the same using microservices. The merits and de-merits of using microservices has been dicussed at large in various forums. Whether microservices architecture is right for your organization is also a different topic of discussion. Here we assume you made that choice, and we see how we can build one.

I have made some choices in languages used and technology stack. Here are some of those, and we will discover more as we go further: –

  1. Java
  2. Spring framework
  3. Spring Boot
  4. MongoDB
  5. Docker
  6. Kubernetes
  7. Angular

We will follow a step by step process of building each microservice, and then integrating them.

Each step will be supplemented by videos, and the code for each step will be available in github repositories.

Here is my youtube channel where you can find the videos: –

Here is the github organization under which all the code will be available: –

Feel free to leave your opinion in comments against each blog.